Reflexotherapy - thai foot massage

Reflexotherapy has a beneficial effect on the entire body. This is due to the stimulation of nerve connections passing through the entire body. Massage is concentrated on the lower parts of legs and the feet themselves. The masseuse presses the nerve endings and reflexological points using the hand and special sticks. Foot reflexology is an irreplaceable method of relieving stress by introducing to the state of deep relaxation. It is a proven way to fight insomnia, migraine and headaches. It works miracles for people suffering from digestive tract ailments and by improving blood circulation, it cares for your heart. The treatment eliminates the feeling of heaviness, tired and sore legs - especially for women wearing high heels, which often leads to calf short circuits and over time to inflammation. Thai foot massage additionally improves blood and lymph circulation, which leads to natural slimming of whole legs.

Reflexotherapy - Thai foot massage

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